When loggin in to many devices with the same username & password, it comes in handy to use hotkey’s to insert ur username and or password. For this i’m using AutoHotkey, this can be used in combination with every program. In this post I’m recording everything I do to use AutoHotkey, I will try to update this post as I make modifications.

Feedback or useful commands are more than welcome, they can be placed below.


Update tracking
Date Action
2015-05-06 Initial setup
2015-07-03 Autohotkey only send to PuTTY


. Initial use

To use AutoHotkey with a program like putty to insert ur Username & Password, you need to dowload and install it first. You can find a link to the program on the “Tools page”.

You can create a new script simply by right clicking and selescting “AutoHotkey” under the shortmenu “New”.
Name the file somthing recognisable to u, somthing like this

. Basic configuration

I cleaned out the original file and created the folowing script to use with Putty regarding sending my username & password.

send, Username{enter}

send, Password{enter}

^u Means pressing Ctrl+u to send username to the tool,
^p Means pressing Ctrl+p to send password to the tool,
{enter} This sends an “enter” to the program,
{!} Sends ! as text not as an Alt keypress.

. Advanced configuration

In an addition to the basic configuration I wanted to send the username & password only to a specific program.
The configuration is sending those outputs only in PuTTY, see the configuration below.

#IfWinActive ahk_class PuTTY
^u::send Username{enter}

#IfWinActive ahk_class PuTTY
^p::send Password{enter}

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